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Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Cover Majalah Terbaik (Foto)


best magazine covers01 Best Magazine Covers
1. Rolling Stone (22 Jan., 1981) First place was given to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, made by a famous photographer - Annie Leibowitz. A few hours after this photo was taken, John Lennon was murdered - December 8, 1980.

best magazine covers02 Best Magazine Covers
2.Vanity Fair (August 1991) The shocking photography of naked Demi Moore in the last month of pregnancy after a noisy success of the film "Ghost" It is also the work of Annie Leibovitz
best magazine covers03 Best Magazine Covers
3. Esquire (April, 1968) Muhammad Ali, pierced by six arrows under the heading "Passion of Muhammad Ali", appeared on the cover of Esquire following the scandalous refusal of Ali to join the U.S. Army because of his religious beliefs. Because of that, Muhammad was later disqualified and deprived of his rank. On the cover Ali is presented as St. Sebastian, pierced by arrows for his religious beliefs.
best magazine covers04 Best Magazine Covers
4.The New Yorker (29 Mar, 1976) Figure Manhattan from the hand of Saul Steinberg, entitled "Seeing the world from 9th Avenue." Until now, quite accurately reflects the views of geopolitics and the world order of ordinary Americans.
best magazine covers05 Best Magazine Covers
5. Esquire (May, 1969) On the cover of Esquire artist Andy Warhol tonet at the bank of tomato soup "Campbell". Bank of soup "Campbel" won world fame as an art object-era pop-art, a symbol of the era of mass consumption, becoming a source of inspiration for a series of Warhol. Thus, the cover symbolized an era of declining pop-art.
best magazine covers06 Best Magazine Covers
6. The New Yorker (24 Sept., 2001) The famous black cover of the magazine "The New Yorker", with barely noticeable two black rectangles, embody the tragedy of September 11. Antenna north tower splits the letter W in the logo magazine.
best magazine covers07 Best Magazine Covers
7. National Lampoon (January, 1973) Popular humor magazine National Lampoon has appeared in kiosks in January 1973, as creative and tough decision, subsequently pirated in many advertising campaigns - Cover captured pistol, has the purpose to frighten the dogs. The title read - "If you do not buy this magazine, we will kill this dog!"
best magazine covers08 Best Magazine Covers
8. Esquire (October 1966) The black cover with the inscription white letters: "O my God, we hit a little girl." The main article numbers, written by legendary journalist John Sack, was studying events of the Vietnam War and became a milestone in the history of the "new journalism" - a realistic directions for the world, and particularly American journalism. In 1966, Sack was a military correspondent for Esquire in Vietnam and his art, consisting of 33 thousand words (the longest article ever published in the magazine), was designed to change public opinion about the Vietnam War.
best magazine covers09 Best Magazine Covers
9. Harper's Bazaar (September 1992) The first issue of the magazine Harper's Bazaar came in 1867, and in 1992 it celebrated its 125 anniversary. The September number was the turning point in the history of the magazine. Chief editor has become legendary Liz Tilberis, which aimed to transform the magazine into one of the most advanced in the world of fashion industry. On the cover that says "Enter the era of elegance" - model Linda Evangelista, is supporting the letter "A" in the magazine title.
best magazine covers10 Best Magazine Covers
10. National Geographic (June, 1985) 12-year-old Afghan girl - the famous photo of Steve McCurr), made them in a refugee camp on the Afghan-Pakistani border. Soviet helicopters destroyed the village of young refugees, all of her family died, and before reaching the camp, the girl has done a two-way in the mountains. Following the publication in June 1985, the picture becomes an icon National Geographic. Since then, this image which has not been used - on tattoos and rugs, which made the picture in one of the most popular photos in the world.
best magazine covers11 Best Magazine Covers
11. LIFE (30 Apr., 1965) 18-week embryo - photo by Swedish photographer Nilsson. This photo is part of the book Nilsson "Birth" ( 'A Child is Born'). The book is dispersed circulation of 8 million copies in the first four days after publication.
best magazine covers12 Best Magazine Covers
12. TIME (8 April, 1966) On the cover - red letters on a black background "Is God dead?". It was the first time on the cover of TIME. Article numbers under the title "Towards a hidden God" ( 'Toward a Hidden God'), which favored well-known theologians of the time, led to a great public effect.
best magazine covers13 Best Magazine Covers
13. LIFE, special edition (1969) Special Issue LIFE "on the moon and back" ( 'To the Moon and Back') was on landing Americans on the moon. On the cover - one of 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin), photographed Neylom Amstrongom.
best magazine covers14 Best Magazine Covers
14.The New Yorker 10 December, 2001) Ironica map of New York "with the names of the New York area in the Middle East style. The map corresponds to a figure of "Seeing the world from 9th Avenue" cover from The New Yorker dated 29 March 1976 (4 seat of the list).
best magazine covers15 Best Magazine Covers
15. Harper's Bazaar (April 1965) On the cover of Harper's Bazaar - the person model Jean Shrimpton, look in the in cut of the pink cardboard. This image is then often used as an emblem of 60's.
best magazine covers16 Best Magazine Covers
16. The Economist (10-16 September 1994) This controversial cover of the magazine The Economist with the title of "The trouble with mergers" represents camels being used so far.
best magazine covers17 Best Magazine Covers
17. TIME (21 Jun., 1968) Figure Roy Lichtenstein, representing hand with a pistol and an inscription: «A gun in America». This cover appeared shortly after the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and called for the introduction of legislative restrictions on arms sales.
best magazine covers18 Best Magazine Covers
18. ESPN the Magazine (29 Jun, 1998) A picture of Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls on a white background. In the magazine article, issued 2 weeks after Jordan became a sixth NBA champion, is discussed, when is Michael leaving the basketball. Michael Jordan played his last game, 16 April 2003.
best magazine covers19 Best Magazine Covers
19. Esquire (December 2000) Photo of smiling Bill Clinton appeared on the cover of Esquire in the last days of Clinton's tenure as President of the United States. In the picture, which resulted from an 8-minute session and the original purpose of which was caused by association with the monument of Abraham Lincoln, clearly has a sexual connotation, overlapping with the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky.
best magazine covers20 Best Magazine Covers
20. Blue (October 1997) Surface athlete has appeared on the cover of the first issue of the journal Blue. Blue - the famous Australian gay magazine, an interesting not only to homosexuals but also to women and tolerant men. If it were not for thematic photos erotic nature, the magazine could not distinguish them from quality entertainment publication that informs readers on a variety of topics (travel, art, sports, cosmetics, etc.).
best magazine covers21 Best Magazine Covers
21. LIFE (26 Nov, 1965) Photo Vietcong prisoner with taped eyes and mouth. A few minutes after taking the picture, the prisoner would be shot in the temple, by an American soldier - and this will become the most famous war crime, the Vietnam War, and will receive a name - murder in Saigon. The author photo - one of the best photographers of LIFE -Paul Schutze, perished during the Six Day War in the Middle East in 1967.
best magazine covers22 Best Magazine Covers
22. George (October-November, 1995) On the cover of the first issue of the magazine "George" is depicted a super-model Cindy Crawford, dressed in costume of George Washington. The magazine was founded by John F. Kennedy Jr. and covered political events, news, culture and show business. In 1999, Kennedy was killed in a plane crash, which in March 2001, the magazine "George" has been closed.
best magazine covers23 Best Magazine Covers
23. The Nation (13 Nov., 2000) On the cover of Nation - cartoon George W. Bush, the author - Brian Stauffer. At the time this number was going out winner of presidential elections held on 7 November 2000, was still not known and in the magazine were a lot of discussion about what will happen with the country and the world if Bush victory won the elections. The following month, George Bush, indeed, was declared the winner.
best magazine covers24 Best Magazine Covers
24. Interview (December, 1972) The cover of the Christmas number of "Interview" depicts Andy Warhol, taking pictures of model Grace Jones. The magazine "Interview", founded by Andy Warhol in 1969, who created a new style of reporting about the news from culture and a special fiduciary manner of conducting the interview, in which the "stars" interview "stars".
best magazine covers25 Best Magazine Covers
25. TIME (14 September, 2001) The cover of a special issue of TIME, issued 14 September, 2001 - on the cover is a photograph of the twin towers at the time of attack by terrorists, the is photographer Lyle Owerkoof. Inside - memories of people who survived, and many photos from the field after the explosions.
best magazine covers26 Best Magazine Covers
best magazine covers27 Best Magazine Covers
27. Entertainment Weekly (2 May, 2003) On the cover of "Entertainment Weekly" -is a cheesecake member of Dixie Chicks group. On the girls backs are slogans - "boycott", "traitors", "Hero", etc. Two months earlier, the group's Natalie Maines at a concert in London, condemned the imminent invasion of American troops in Iraq. That remark provoked many Americans to boycott concerts Group.
best magazine covers28 Best Magazine Covers
28. 2 LIFE (16 Apr, 1965) Black-and-white photograph on the war in Vietnam, which depicted black American military helicopter. The author photo - LIFE photographer Larry Burrows, which covered the events in Vietnam, starting in 1962. When this snapshot was taken, Burrows was accompanied by a helicopter during a military operation during which the pilot died, while other team members were injured. Sam Burrows died in 1971 in Laos.
best magazine covers29 Best Magazine Covers
29. Playboy (October 1971) On the cover of the magazine Playboy - a model Darine Stern, which poses a chair with back as a symbol of the journal - the head of rabbit. Stern was the first African-American model, appeared on the cover of Playboy.
best magazine covers30 Best Magazine Covers
30. Fortune (1 Oct., 2001) On the cover of Fortune is a photo of men covered with ashes, after the terrorist attacks in New York on 11 September.
best magazine covers31 Best Magazine Covers
31. Newsweek (20 November, 2000) On the cover of Newsweek titled "The winner is ..." - Photo, which one half depicts Bush and the second part - Gore. Elections in 2000 were among the most controversial presidential elections in U.S. history, famous long count and recount, as well as the five-week legal proceedings, and at the time the magazine was published, the winner was still unknown. As we all know - J. Bush won this election by just a few hundred votes.
best magazine covers32 Best Magazine Covers
32. Vogue (May 2004) On the cover of Vogue - Nicole Kidman, her back is facing the viewer in a luxurious dress. This snapshot of a famous photographer Irving Penn, who took his last photograph for Vogue in 1989. In the magazine were a few photos with Kidman. The actress appears in the images of the Greek goddesses, and legendary Italian diva Sarah Bernard.
best magazine covers33 Best Magazine Covers
33. Newsweek (July 30, 1973) On the cover is the revealing of a scandal, with the inscription "The Nixon tapes" - White House is depicted as a recorder. U.S. political scandal in years 1972-1974, ending the resignation of Richard Nixon. This is the only case in the history of the U.S. when a President prematurely terminated the duties.
best magazine covers34 Best Magazine Covers
34. Wired (June 1997) On the cover - an image of colorful Apple logo in barbed wire and inscription: "Pray." The article numbers "101 way to save Apple" provides an assessment of what can be done in order to save the company from collapse. The company was founded in 1976 but by 1997, as a result of severe competition from other companies, Apple has faced considerable economic hardship. Since then, the company Apple was able to restore lost positions, partly due to the huge success of iPod.
best magazine covers35 Best Magazine Covers
35. New York (8 June, 1970) On the cover of New York with the heading "Free Leonard Bernstein" depicts women in evening dresses with raised fists up. Leonard Bernstein - an American composer, pianist, and the chief conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the Municipal Orchestra of New York City Symphony. Bernstein supported the Afro-American organization of left-wing "Black Panthers" and in 1970 arranged for them to collect money in their own homes.
best magazine covers36 Best Magazine Covers
36. People (15 Sept., 1997) Black-and-white photograph of Princess Diana on the cover of People. This number was devoted to the life of Diana, died in August 1997 in a car accident. Diana appeared on the cover of the magazine a record number of times - 52 times.
best magazine covers37 Best Magazine Covers
37. Details (February 1989) On the cover - singer Cyndi Lauper in the classic Hollywood image. Lauper tells us about her visit to the USSR with other American musicians to cooperate with Soviet counterparts. During that visit, a song "Cold Sky" was established, which appeared on the album, "Action Speaks Louder Than Words".
best magazine covers38 Best Magazine Covers
38. Fast Company (August-September, 1997) On the cover the words "The brand called - You" against the background of easily recognizable stack of powder Tide. Article is written by Tom Peters, and talks about how people can present themselves as a brand in order to isolate and grow professionally.
best magazine covers39 Best Magazine Covers
39. Glamour (August, 1968) Photo model Katiti Kirondi II. For the first time on the cover of a national women magazine was depicted African-American.
best magazine covers40 Best Magazine Covers
40. National Geographic (October 1978) On the cover titled "Conversations with a gorilla" shows gorilla Koko, who photographed its own reflection in the mirror. Psychologist Francine Patterson taught Koko sign language in 6 years. This was a huge success and a proof to the other researchers that the training gives results

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